Watermountain Studio

As an astrologer, I'm here to educate, entertain, and advise.  

I'm in the process of building out some of the resources and tools that I need to be able to do this more effectively. Due to Patreon's rules about supporters and also US laws, I have to ask you to opt-in to this system. 

At a minimum, I need an email to be able to send materials to you.  My plan is to use this to send you astrological content, the occasional discount on consultations, and your Patreon materials, so that you know when they're available (and don't have to keep checking the Patreon webpage). 

You are welcome to add additional information below.  Doing so indicates that you're interested in receiving other kinds of content —
  • This may include birthday messages like a one-page report on the year ahead, if you give me your birth information (place of birth, birthday, and birth time);
  • It might include a handwritten card or a special present, if you give me your physical address;
  • It may include free links for any classes I teach;
  • It will include Zoom links to Live Q&A sessions for members at the $5 tier and above;
  • If you include a link to your website, I'll link to your page from my page (barring some kinds of content at my discretion);
You don't have to provide any information at all. This is very much opt-in, not opt-out.

Thank you for considering signing up. 

Under stars,
Andrew B. Watt
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